Competitive target shooting is a sport that demands exceptional concentration and a strong mental approach.

The sport is split into three categories: Shotgun, Pistol and Rifle. 

British Shooting is an umbrella body, that supports the sovereign National Governing Bodies.

British Shooting represents the NGBs of international competitive target shooting sports. Its purpose is:
  • To act as a single contact for International Federations
  • To act as a single shooting body in receipt of public funding from UK Sport and Sport England
  • To be the member body of the National Olympic Paralympic Committiees (BOA and Paralympics GB)
  • To oversee the development and preparation of world class shooter for success on the international stage
  • To support the development of grassroots shooting in England
  • To promote the quality and professional governance for target shooting sports.

The four NGBs for international target shooting  are represented on the Board, BICTSF, NSRA, NRA, DSGB, plus the CPSA representing England as Sport England (SE) funding is now sorted through British Shooting. 

John Harris (Chairman)
Hamish McInnes (CEO)
Nick Fellows (CPSA)
James Marsh Brown (DSGB)
David Parish (NSRA)
Bruce Stewart (NED)
Nicola Newman (NED)
Andrew Mercer (NRA)
Paul Bentley (BICTSF)
Peter Underhill (Glasgow2014)

Lisa Davies (Administrator and Secretary to Board)
Heather Fell (DKHLT)

Reporting to the British Shooting Board, is the Performance Group which administrated the UK Sport/ Lottery funding for the Shooting Performance Programme, with each athlete working to an individual, tailor made programme – there is no ‘one size fits all’.   

Coaching team for the Performance Group 
Steve Seligman (Performance Director)
Col. B Pasan Kularatne (ret.) MSc psc (DSGB Performance Director and WCPP Coach)
Kevin Gill (Head Shotgun Coach)
Joe Neville (Skeet)
Andy Austin (Skeet)
Donald McIntosh (Head Rifle Coach)
Steve Pengelly (Head Pistol Coach)

Performance Group Board
Phil Scanlan (Chair) 
Ian Coley 
Leon Taylor 
John Harris 
Hamish McInnes 
John Wood 
Steven Seligmann

International Working Group
Sarah Daly (Chair)
Hamish McInnes (Secretary)
David Parish
Peter Underhill
David Goodfellow
James Marsh Brown
Bob Loughridge

Also reporting to the British Shooting Board is the England Development Group (EDG). The EDG is funded by Sport England for all England target shooting sports. 

Hamish McInnes (Interim Chairman)
Liz Davidson (England Development Manager)
Nick Fellows (CPSA)
Dave Froggett (NSRA)

Audit Committee
Nicola Newman (Chair)
James Marsh Brown
Jenny Holsmann
Judging Sub-Committee
David Parish (NSRA)
David Goodfellow (ISSF)
Keith Murray - (ISSF)

Child Protection & Equality Officer
Sarah Daly

Deputy Child Protection Officer
Alex Ballard
Strategy and Implementation Group -
Appointments to be confirmed
The BICTSF is the National Governing Body (NGB) of International Clay Target Shooting in the United Kingdom; it’s aim is to promote and encourage those forms of clay target shooting which are subject to the jurisdiction of the International Shooting Sport Federation (‘ISSF’) and Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse (‘FITASC’) or any successor organisations. More info click here.

The CPSA is the National Governing body for Clay Target Shooting in England.

The remit of the CPSA is to manage the sport of Clay Target Shooting for its approximately 25,000 members and the 400 clubs and grounds affiliated or associated with us.  There are also approximately 200 Trade Members associated with the CPSA who believe that being part of the association can be mutually advantageous. More info click here.


One of the main aims of Disability Shooting Great Britain is to develop links with able-bodied shooters and governing bodies.

This is achieved by disabled shooters competing in able-bodied shoots and involving able bodied coaches in the training of disabled shooters.

More info click here.

The National Rifle Association is the governing body for fullbore target shooting as we all know. More info click here.

The NSRA is the national governing body for all Small-bore Rifle and Pistol Target Shooting in the United Kingdom, including Airgun and Match Crossbow Shooting. More info click here.

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