Shotgun, Rifle or Pistol?
Target shooting offers something for everyone, whether you are young or old, disabled, a fan of the outdoors or you prefer an indoor setting. 

The term target shooting covers a range of disciplines, shot with different types of guns with the aim of hitting a specific target (commonly a clay, paper or knock down target), further information on this can be found below.


Olympic shooting events are split into three categories: Shotgun, Pistol and Rifle. 

In Shotgun events, competitors shoot at moving clay targets launched above and in front of them. To find out more information on specific shotgun disciplines and events, click here.

To find out more about getting involved in Clay Target shooting, you can visit the CPSA's official website by clicking here. 

Rifle and Pistol 

In Rifle and Pistol events, competitors aim at a 10-ring target from a set distance (10m, 25m or 50m). Depending on the event, competitors are required to shoot from standing, kneeling or prone (lying down) positions. 

To find out more about getting involved in Rifle shooting, you can visit the NRA's official website by clicking here. 

To find out more about getting involved in Rifle and Pistol shooting, you can visit the NSRA's official website by clicking here.

Laser Target Shooting

This is an adaptation of the sport. Enables us to take it into environments where traditional pellet/ cartridge shooting may be difficult and to introduce even more people to our fantastic sport. 

British Shooting sees laser shooting as a great way of taking our sport out to the general public. We see it as an easy and safe way of directly exposing people of any age, gender and ability to target shooting.

British Shooting sees laser as a platform that can easily be set up in a wide range of environments, but importantly it is a step on the ladder that leads to pellet or cartridge shooting. Conducting a laser shooting day in a safe manner is imperative in order to start correct habits of gun safety.
For information about laser shooting, equipment and the British Shooting laser workshop please contact gorgs.geikie@britishshooting.org.uk.
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