Across the various shooting disciplines there are plenty of competitive opportunities that can be enjoyed. Information on these can be obtained through the relevant governing body and we’ve provided some links at the bottom of this section to help you research the right opportunity for you.

British Shooting currently directly organises several competitive opportunities that can cater for everyone from beginner to aspiring Olympian or Paralympian.

British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships

The first British Shooting Schools Pistol Championships took place during 2016/17 and were a huge success. 

Northern and Southern qualifying events culminated in a grand final in Cardiff, kindly hosted by the Welsh Target Shooting Federation.

Olympic Schools Experience

The aim of the British Shooting Olympic Experience is to give young shooters an introduction to competition in an Olympic shooting format.  Our aim is to inspire the next generation to participate in the Olympic shotgun disciplines.  

The experience day takes a competition format and will be shot using a mixture of trap, skeet and sporting disciplines to provide a good shooting opportunity for people to show their talent.  We use the new Olympic style final format to determine the overall winners.  These events will have something for everyone, whether a beginner or an accomplished shot.

If you would like more information please contact Christian Schofield the Talent Pathway Co-ordinator on his mobile 07786513732 or for email clicking the link below.

We would be very happy to help you develop shotgun shooting at your school. If you would like advice on how to get started please contact Christian Schofield.

For further information contact Christian Schofield – Talent Pathway Coordinator by clicking here.

Target Sprint

For those that like to get their heart rate up and combine the skill and focus of target shooting with a lung busting cardio workout.  

British Shooting holds a number of competitions throughout the year and information on these and third party events can be found by clicking here.

There are plenty of other competitions for young and old alike across the various disciplines, for further information on these contact the relevant governing body. 

Shotgun – The CPSA  www.cpsa.org.uk
Full bore rifle – The NRA www.nra.org.uk
Small bore rifle and pistol shooting – The NSRA www.nsra.co.uk

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