A GBR National licence is the highest qualification that can be awarded by British Shooting and will require the successful completion of a course conducted by an ISSF-approved instructor, normally lasting two days.

The same course can be used to qualify for an ISSF B licence, but the granting of the latter will require the achievement of a higher mark in the written examination and course assessment.  

To enable the ISSF Judges Committee to grant a B licence, British Shooting is required to endorse the fact that a candidate has the required practical experience.  Therefore, applicants will need to have possessed a National licence for at least three years during which time they have regularly performed duties at ISSF-Rules competitions in the capacity of a Judge (Jury Member) Referee, or Technical Officer.

Evidence of such activity must be provided with the application in the form of a log or record of duties performed.

It is usual for a candidate to be granted a National Licence (C Licence) on successful completion of an initial course even if a high pass mark is obtained. 

For those interested in shotgun disciplines, there is a difference between a Judge and a Referee.  Judges attend a course similar to those for rifle and pistol, but candidates for a Referees Licence must qualify on a separate course and also supply an optician’s certificate as evidence of the required eyesight standard.

Current international post-holders are as follows:
Derek Ivy: Member of the ISSF Administrative Council
Peter Underhill: Chairman of the ISSF Judges Committee and Member of the Administrative Council
Paul Gumn: ISSF Technical Committee
David Goodfellow: ISSF Rifle Committee
Stewart Watterson: ISSF Pistol Committee
Jon Leech: ISSF Statutes and Eligibility Committee
Sarah Daly: ESC Shotgun Committee
Elena Allen: ESC Athletes Committee
Bob Loughridge: ESC Rifle Committee 

British Shooting licence renewal

ISSF A Licence application 

ISSF B Licence application 

ISSF Shotgun referees licence renewal 

The pathway for a Shotgun Referee or Judge differs slightly to that of Rifle, Pistol and Running Target. For information on how to become a Rifle, Pistol or Running Target judge, please read the following document. 

How to become a Rifle, Pistol and Running Target Judge

After reading the document, you can apply for a Judges course by clicking on the link below. 

Rifle and Pistol Judges Application Form

Send all applications and renewals forms to: gbrjudges@virginmedia.com.
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