Run Your Own Event
Date/Venue: When this has been organised, please inform British Shooting so your event can be added to the Event Calendar and if required we’ll do our best to support you and your event. 

Safety: Take into consideration who is organising the event and its’ location. Ensure to carry out a Risk Assessment prior to your event and make sure appropriate insurance cover is in place 

Shooting Space: Siting of the shooting space is essential. Ensure there is a no crossing zone from the firing points forwards. And an exclusion zone behind the target area. 

Equipment: Ensure you have checked your rifles function before the event day. And remember to test on the day to ensure they are “sighted in”.

Run Course: The run course can be whatever distance suits the participants and venue. (It could even be around the inside of a sports hall). As a guide, ISSF rules state 400m. (You may wish to consider not only variations on distance, but adaptations to enable disabled participants, teams based on a runner and a shooter or even relays.)  

Publicity: Advertising your event is key to a well subscribed successful event. Some ideas to help you are:

- Contact your County Sports Partnership, who will likely aid publicity and guide you.
- Facebook/social media is a FREE powerful tool. Create an Event/Group and get friends & colleagues sharing. 
- Design and print a posters to distribute (possibly at your local sports  centre/school/scout group/cadet unit/running club etc.) Equally these can be contacted via social media and email.
- Linking your event in with other sporting or community activities or events and partnering with them to reach a wider/ new audience.  
- Use your imagination!
- Contact British Shooting who will endeavour to assist.

Event timing: Consider the audience you’re running this event for and their air rifle shooting experience. Perhaps allocate some time before the races start for some shooting coaching/assistance. And/or build in time pre “race” for practice and race briefing.

Race Timing: When planning the format of your day, consider the length of time each race will take, including the practice/race briefing. Even perhaps do a “trial race” as a guide. 

Item / Role Essential  Notes
Shooting Range    
Range housing with knockdown targets Y Ideally 6-12 Fps but dependent on number of air rifles available.
Pellet catchers Very useful for pre-race shooting coaching.
10 metre AP/AR targets N Excellent to aid pre-race shooting coaching.
1m wide surface (e.g. table) per firing point Y Eg. 3x2m wide tables are ideal for a six firing point range.
Firing point surface cover N Useful to protect air rifles / firing point surface.
Firing point labels Y Number the firing point and targets.
Air Rifle Equipment    
Air rifles (PCP) Y Ideally 6-12 air rifles, but dependent on the number of firing points available.
1 x air cylinder (full) Y Remember the rifle cylinders' adapter.
177 pellets (flathead)  
Optional additions    
Rifle supports (adjustable) N Useful to help athletes who can't shoot while standing. 
Chairs N Useful to help athletes who can't shoot while standing. 
Marquee / gazebo  N If your event is outdoors, take into consideration weather conditions and being able to protect the firing point / air rifles from wet weather. 
Running course    
Marker cones Y Used to mark the running course. 
Start / finish marker Y
Safety signs (runners & shooting)  N Signage to warn of athletes running may be needed, depending on the course. 
Competitor numbers / bibsYIf using paper numbers, remember safety pins. 
Awards Y Eg. top 3 / most improved
Two stopwatches Y  
One clipboard & waterproof cover
Results sheets  Y  
Bibs for competition officials N  Very useful to identify officials easily. 
Certificates / medals for participants  
A starter / master timekeeper / competition organiser  
A recorder / additional timekeeper  
Marshalls Y Number of marshals dependent on the run course marked out & if places need particular supervision. 
Chief range officer Y  
Range staff Y Dependent on the number of firing points. 
PhotographerNYou'll want to capture the success of your event. British Shooting will publish the best photographs.
JournalistNThis will help promote your event.

What next? 
We’re sure your participants will have had a great time and perhaps want to continue in the shooting sport. Ensure to signpost them to a shooting club or other target events, which can be found on the British Shooting website calendar.

British Shooting are here to support you in your event organisation, so please contact us if you require any guidance or to chat through your event. You can email our Events and Project Co-ordinator, Gorgs Geikie, by clicking on this link.

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