ISSF - www.issf-sports.org
The International Shooting Sports Federation is the International Governing Body (IGB) for the Olympic shooting events, including shotgun, rifle and pistol – there are some events which are not shot at the Olympics, but are shot internationally, eg: Women’s Double Trap which has been reintroduced to the Commonwealth Games.  For the rules, results and information see the ISSF website.

FITASC - www.fitasc.com
Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives des Chasse is the IGB for: Compak Sporting, Fosse Universelle (Universal Trench/UT); Parcours de Chasse (Sporting); Tir aux Hélices (Helice ZZ) and Combined Game Shooting.  For the rules, results and information see the FITASC website.

BS - www.britishshooting.org.uk
British Shooting (BS).  British Shooting is an umbrella body, that supports the sovereign NGBs and acts as a single contact for the ISSF and as a single shooting body in receipt of public funding from UK Sport and Sport England. 

BICTSF - www.bictsf.com
British International Clay Target Shooting Federation the National Governing Body (NGB) for the international shotgun disciplines which come under the ISSF and FITASC.

CPSA - www.cpsa.co.uk
Clay Pigeon Shooting Association.  England’s Governing Body for Shotgun.  

SCTA - www.scta.co.uk 

Scottish Clay Target Association. - www.scta.co.uk

WCTSA - www.wctsa.co.uk 
Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association.  Wales’ Governing Body for Shotgun.  

UCPSA - www.ucpsa.com 
Ulster Clay Pigeon Shooting Association.  Northern Ireland’s Governing Body for Shotgun.  

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