Gold Silver & Bronze For Home Nations!
Published Tuesday 10 April 2018 08:04 by Craig Davies
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Britain’s Home Nations dominated day three of the shooting at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018. 

Team Wales and Team England both secured a gold medal between them thanks to David Phelps in 50m Rifle Prone and Parag Patel and David Luckman in Queens Prize Pairs. 

Those medals were accompanied by a silver in 50m Prone and a bronze in Queen’s prize pairs from Team Scotland, as well as a silver in Queen’s Prize from Chris Watson and Gareth Morris of Wales and a bronze in 50m prone from Ken Parr of England. 

That meant that Home Nations took the top three podium spots in both events! 

And after Wales and Northern Ireland took silver and bronze in Men’s Skeet just a day before, the strength in depth in British shooters is truly being highlighted. 

Speaking after his win, Welshman, Phelps, said: “It’s awesome, not just for myself, but for shooting in Great Britain. To have team mates and friends I’ve known all my shooting career in amazing. 

“I had tears when the Welsh National Anthem was played. I’ve had it played for me twice now in my life and it’s just the best thing.”

Meanwhile, England’s Queen’s Prize gold medallist, David Luckman, was delighted with him and Parag’s win under very difficult conditions. He explained: “Today was stunningly difficult. To come through and win again is very pleasing.” 

Despite the very hot weather conditions in Brisbane, reaching 28 Celsius, Luckman’s kit consists of wearing four jumpers and a leather outer jacket. When asked how he manages to cope in such temperatures and why he wears so many layers, he explained: “it’s all about getting the jacket to fit in the way I want it to fit, so I shoot with that on whatever the weather conditions. It does get quite hot!”

Final results from all Home Nations on Monday 9th April:

Kristian Callaghan (ENG) topped scored for British countries, finishing 10th with a 562
Aeden Evans from Scotland in 12th on a 559
Daniel Payas (GIB) 14th on 554
Craig Auden (WAL) 15th on 551
Jonathon Patron from GIB finished in 17th position with a 542

All 4 home nation athletes qualified for the final
Ben Llewellin (WAL) scored a 122, qualifying 2nd for the final and finishing in 2nd with a finals score of 56
Bronze medal was given to Gareth McAuley from NIR, qualifying with a 119.
Freddy Killander (ENG) come 4th after the final, qualified with a score also of 119
Jack Fairclough also from England qualified with a score of 122 and finished 5th after the final. 

Seonaid McIntosh (SCO) qualified for the final with a 410.4 and finished 5th
Sian Corish also qualified for the final with a 409.6 and finished 6th
Jennifer McIntosh (SCO) finished 9th with a score of 409.4
Katie Gleeson ( ENG) finished 14th with a score of 405.8
Mairead Sheriff (GIB) finished 17th with a score of 397.9
Kristina Hewitt (GIB) finished 18th with a score of 397.8

Final results from all Home Nations on Tuesday 10th April:

David Luckman and Parag Patel - 584(61)
Chris Watson and Gareth Morris - 582(58)
Alexander Walker and Ian Shaw - 582(49)
Jack Alexander and David Calvert - 579(49)
Adam Jory and Peter Jory - 575(45)
Barry Le Cheminant and David Le Quesne- 572(36)

Scotland’s Jessica Liddon top scored for British Countries with a 562, finishing 10th
Nikki Trebert come 12th with a score of 545
Nicola Holmes finished in 13th with a score of 544

David Phelps from Wales finished with a Gold with a qualifying score of 613.7, and a finals score of 248.8
Neil Stirton from Scotland took home a silver with a qualifying score of 616.9 and a finals score of 247.7
Kenneth Parr from England took bronze with a qualifying score of 612.7
Leonard Thomson from Scotland also qualified with a score of 614.6 and finished 8th
David Binney from England finished 10th with a score of 610.3
Stuart Hill (NIR) finished 14th with a score of 607.7
Cameron Pirouet (JEY) finished 16th with a score of 605.8
Rory Hamilton (NIR) finished 19th with a score of 604.8
Andrew Chapman (JEY) finished 22nd with a score of 603.2
Matthew Guille (GGY) finished 24th with a score of 601.7
Wayne Piri from GIB finished 27th with a score of 593.7
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