Luckman Wins Double Gold...Again!
Published Saturday 14 April 2018 11:16 by Craig Davies
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It was a truly memorable final day of shooting in Australia after Team England's David Luckman won his second Gold medal of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

With a score of 404 - 49v in Queen's Prize Individual, the achievement comes four years after he did exactly the same thing at Glasgow in 2014! 

His pairs team mate Parag Patel won Bronze with a score of 403 - 45v. 

In Men's 3 Position Rifle, England's Dean Bale secure a fantastic Bronze afer qualifying for the final in third positon with a score of 1163.

Over in Shotgun, it was a Wales and England Gold and Silver in Olympic Trap, thanks to fantastic performances from Mike Wixey and Aaron Heading respectively. 

The win for Wixey comes just a day after his wife Sarah won a Silver in Women's Trap - giving Mike extra motivation to go on and secure top spot. 

Mike said: "This feels great. I was trying to keep calm and keep in the moment and managed to do that so it was good. I took one at a time and they seemed to come alright. 

"It was a strange feeling because when she won it I was quite envious knowing that I was going to be shooting today and it gave me added impetus to give it that bit more. I wanted to make sure I won one as well!"

Team England's Ed Ling also qualified for the final but finished just outside the podium positions in fourth. 

Full Round Up of the final day of Gold Coast 2017

Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Position

Dean Bale (ENG) qualified for the final in 3rd with a score of 1163, Dean left the final with a bronze medal

Cameron Pirouet (JEY) qualified for the final in 6th  with a score of 1149, finishing the final in 4th position

Kenneth Parr (ENG) qualified for the final in 4th with a score of 1158, finishing the final in 6th

Michael Bamsey (WAL) finished in 9th with a score of 1145

Neil Stirton (SCO) shot a 1140, finishing 11th

Rory Hamilton (NIR) finished with a score of 1129, finishing 14th

Stuart Hill (NIR) finished 16th with a score of 1096

Queen’s Prize Individual

David Luckman (ENG) won a Gold medal with a score of 404 – 49v

Parag Patel (ENG) wins a Bronze medal with a score of 403 – 45v

Ian Shaw (SCO), close behind in 4th with a score of 402 – 39v

Barry Le Cheminant (JEY) in 5th with a score of 401 – 50v

David Le Quesne finished 6th with a score of 400 – 47v

Gareth Morris finished in 10th with a score of 399 – 45v

David Calvery (NIR) shot a 399 – 40v, finishing 12th

Alexander Walker (SCO) finished 13th with a score of 399 – 38v

Peter Jory (GGY) shot a 399 – 37v and finished 14th

Chris Watson (WAL) finished on a 397 – 40v in 16th

Jack Alexander (NIR) finished 17th with a score of 396 – 40v

And Adam Jory (GGY) shot a 395 – 26v putting him in 19th

Men’s Trap

Welshman Michael Wixey won Gold after he qualified for the final in 1st position with a 120.

The two Englishmen qualified in 2nd and 3rd, Aaron Heading in 2nd, finishing with a silver and Edward Ling finishing in 4th.

David Henning (NIR) shot a 115 and finished 11th

Kevin Cowles (GIB) finished 17th with a score of 110

David Walton finished with a 109, leaving him in 20th

Stefan Roberts (GGY) finished in 21st position with a score of 108

Welshman Jonathan Davis finished in 26th with a score of 105

Neil Parsons (IOM) finished in 28th with a score of 103

Darren Burtneshaw (GGY) finished in 30th with a score of 102

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