GB Talent Programme

At this stage you will receive bespoke support to help achieve your individual goals and develop self-awareness skills to become independent and adaptable athletes. You will be at a standard to learn and compete at high quality international competitions.

How do I get onto the GBTP?

  • You can be selected onto the GBTP through the ‘Talent Development Day’ if you demonstrate exceptional potential and/or through Home Nation programmes.
  • Recommended by RSS and/or Home Nation Programme coaches to progress.

Who are we looking for? 

  • Average ages for the GBTP are typically between 15-28 (although it is not unusual to select athletes outside these ranges).
  • Anyone who has a passion for clay target shooting.
  • Clay target shooters from any discipline whether it be ISSF or non-ISSF (click here to find out which disciplines we consider).

What behaviours and skills are we looking for? 

  • Strong shooting technique and ability to apply in training and competition.
  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt to different environments.
  • Passionate and committed to developing excellence.
  • Demonstrates ability to be independent and has strong reflection skills.
  • What behaviours and skills will you learn in the GBTP?
  • Ability to apply technique under pressure.
  • How to manage yourself in a competition environment.
  • How to plan and train effectively.

GB Talent Programme athlete Michael Bovingdon, said: “My shooting has developed greatly on the GBTP. To be afforded the opportunity to regularly practice within a squad allows me to work on my timing and routine.

"I have greatly benefited from the chance to shoot abroad with the GBTP. Seeing how some of the best athletes in the world shoot is invaluable. Most importantly the GBTP provides structure. Its hard work, but also great fun. It is also supportive that British Shooting recognise the importance of me working closely with my personal coach, Claudio Capaldo, which enables me to benefit from regular coaching support."

Where does the GBTP take place? 

  • The principle grounds for the GBTP are at Doveridge Clay Sports, Beverley Clay Target Shooting Centre and Nuthampstead Shooting Ground. 
  • Opportunities will be available to attend international training camps and competitions.

What does the GBTP programme look like? 

  • Individual and group training sessions designed and delivered by British Shooting coaches to meet your specific development goals.
  • Individual performance analysis sessions.
  • Integrated training with GB Academy and World Class athletes.
  • Formal induction and progression reviews.

How often does GBTP training take place? 

  • GBTP athletes will receive 15 core sessions a year which typically take place at weekends and school holidays. Contact time can largely increase with ‘top-up’ training/competition available
  • Remote support from British Shooting coach upon request where athletes do not have a personal coach

How much does GBTP training cost? 

  • Cost to be a GBTP core programme athlete is £600 per year which equates to £40 per session (*can be subject to change)
  • This includes clays, coaching fees and services of the programme
  • Equipment, subsistence and travel costs will be covered by the athlete

How long should I expect to train in the GBTP? 

It entirely depends on the individual and a number of factors but it is typical that athletes could stay in the GBTP for 2-6 years.

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