Talent Hubs
A Talent Hub is a partnership between British Shooting and a ground committed to providing people with the opportunity, in the Olympic shotgun disciplines, to become a top level performer. At a Talent Hub shooters will develop the basic skills required to embark on the journey to realise your potential.

What does the partnership look like? 

  • Exclusive to commercial grounds who offer ISSF clay target disciplines.
  • Agreement to a set of British Shooting talent/coaching hub principles.

What happens at a British Shooting Talent Hub? 
  • Each hub will vary as to what it offers. However, each hub will offer a minimum of one ISSF clay target discipline
  • Identified coaches will be available at the hub to offer group and/or individual coaching sessions
  • Selected hubs may host RSS, GBTP and GBAP training sessions

Peter Wilson, London 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist on Talent Hubs: “It sounds like a brilliant idea. The more British Shooting does to find talent at the grassroots level, the better. We really can’t do enough. It’s wonderful that they are investing in finding anyone who might have the ability to become an Olympian

When I first started it was very difficult to become a shooter. If it wasn’t for my Dad and Ian Coley, I wouldn’t have ever taken it up. It was a chance encounter with Ian that led to me pursuing a career in shooting. You can’t rely on chance encounters to produce medal winning athletes. There needs to be a more structured feeder system, which is exactly what British Shooting are building.

How does a British Shooting Talent Hub differ to a typical commercial ground? 

Aside from it offering at least one ISSF clay target discipline, the hub (coaches and local partners) will provide a supportive learning environment for aspiring athletes.  It is an integral element of the British Shooting Talent Pathway and will deliver training according to the British Shooting development curriculum.  The hub coaches will act as British Shooting ‘scouts’ and communicate with RSS & GBTP coaches to ensure talent is recognised.

Where are the British Shooting Talent Hubs?

Hubs are located all around the UK. A list of British Shooting talent hubs will available soon. 

What is the benefit of training at a British Shooting Talent Hub? 

  • As a member of the talent pathway you will be part of a holistic development environment dedicated to preparing athletes for World Class competition.
  • You will share a creative and dynamic training environment with coaches and athletes who have the same passion as you.
  • Developed from the philosophy and practices of the World Class programme you will be part of a programme aligned and relevant to your development needs.

Who can join a British Shooting Talent Hub? 

In simple terms, anyone.  The hub can be a host to anyone interested in developing their clay target shooting.  We are particularly interested in attracting high potential athletes in non-ISSF disciplines to follow in the path taken by some of our World Class athletes.

If you are interested in becoming a recognised British Shooting Talent Hub, please contact the British Shooting Talent Pathway Coordinator, Christian Schofield, by clicking here. 
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