British Shooting Records
To view the full list of British records, click here or on the icon below. If you have information on a record that needs amending/updated please get in touch via our contact us section.

British Records can be achieved at the following competitions:

Major international matches run under ISSF rules:
o Olympic Games
o World Championships
o European Games
o European Championships
o ISSF World Cups
o ISSF World Cup Finals
o ISSF Youth Cups
o ESC European Cups
o Commonwealth Games
o Commonwealth Championships
Minor international matches run under ISSF rules where the athlete is  competing as part of a formally selected GBR or Home Country team.  
Major domestic championships and competitions run under ISSF Rules, which play a part in the selection process for GBR teams, including (but not limited to):
o British Championships
o Home Country Championships
Alternative domestic matches can be recognised for athletes who live outwith the UK, subject to prior approval by the Performance Group.  For example for those located in the USA:
o USA Shooting National Championships
o USA Shooting Selection Matches

The above list will remain subject to review, and may be varied at the discretion of the Performance Group.

Records will be ratified by a small group, consisting of the relevant discipline Head Coach, the Performance Director and CEO, on production of the official results of the competition at which a new record is believe to have been achieved.

For domestic competitions, any athlete believed to have set a new British Record should be subject to a mandatory post-match equipment control check.

For Olympic events, it will only be possible to set a Qualification Round record at a competition where there the match forms part of the qualification process towards a Final.  This therefore excludes the likes of the self-squadded aggregate matches at domestic 10m competitions, but not the elimination stages of domestic 50m competitions.

It will not be possible to set a British Record where the course of fire is shot as part of longer course of fire for example by taking the first 40 shots of a 60 shot match in 10m Air events or by taking the first 75 targets for a female athlete competing in a 100, 125 or 200 clay target competition.

It will be possible to set a British Record in a decimally-scored Rifle event where the match is shot on Paper targets, provided that the targets are scored by an electronic scoring machine.

It will not be possible to set a British Record in a decimally-scored Rifle event, when the results displayed on the firing point monitor during the match are integer.  An exception will be made for Finals, where the scores are available on a scoreboard visible to the athletes during the competition.

It will not be possible to set a British Record in a decimally-scored Rifle event, when the competition results are based on the integer score, but the decimal score is made available separately.
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