Podium & Podium Potential
Having demonstrated your ability to deliver results on the world stage, British Shooting will provide you with a bespoke support package (including clays/ammunition, domestic and international training and competition, world class coaching and full offer of science sport support), which will enable you to consistently deliver medal success at major world cups and championships.

How do I get onto the WCP?

There is a specific selection criterion for entry onto the World Class Programme (selection criterion available soon).

Who are we looking for? 

ISSF clay target shooters who have exceptional performance scores at international competitions and who demonstrate the ability and potential to medal at major events.

What behaviours and skills do we expect from athletes? 

  • Ability to consistently deliver effective technique in any given environment
  • Consistently strong performance scores at major international competitions
  • Full time and long term commitment to Olympic shooting
  • Ability to take responsibility and ownership for their own development through effective planning and review of progress (via ADP)
  • Ability to perform under pressure and demonstrate mentally robustness
  • Can communicate effectively and develop strong relationships with coaches and support staff
  • Full commitment to all components of the WCP and Adherence to BS code of conduct and responsibilities as a BS/ WCP athlete
  • Actively promotes BS/ UKS/ National lottery
  • Contributes positively to the BS team and Beyond values

What behaviours and skills will you learn in the WCP?

  • Ability to lead your own multi-disciplinary support team
  • Managing training, competition and lifestyle as a full time dedicated athlete
  • Ability to deliver under pressure

Where does the WCP take place? 

Due to the individual nature of each athlete individual development plan – the locations will be varied. It will consist of a mix of domestic and international venues

What does the WCPP programme look like? 

  • Admin and logistical support for training and competitions
  • Comprehensive clay and ammunition support 
  • Access to individual World Class Coaching
  • Access to bespoke psychology, physical, nutritional, lifestyle and physio support services
  • Heavily funded international training and competition aligned to individual athlete development plan
  • Athlete performance award (APA) dependent on performance achievement. See APA matrix for details on award levels
  • Under Armour team kit 

How often does WCP training take place? 

WCP athletes will receive up to 150 core days a year. It is expected athletes will commit to 4-5 days of shooting related development activity per week.

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